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    Does your wardrobe not resonate with your unique style?

    Style is something I've always had a huge interest in. Ever since I was little I cared about how I dressed. It started from wearing ecko to skater clothes to baggy shirts and so on. As time went on, my style matured as well as my skill for picturing outfits in my mind in seconds. I've always been told I dress well by my peers and strangers. Lately, I've noticed guys caring less and less about their grooming. It's crazy! I see way more nicely dressed woman than men. We gotta step it up!


    Now I want to help YOU find your unique style and build an interchangeable wardrobe. In fact, I wont charge a dime. That's how much I enjoy this.


    Shoot me an email and we can setup a free consultation to give you some awesome tips on building your wardrobe!



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